Gustav now adapted and compatible with Domedic's xPill PRO
May 17, 2021

In order to always ensure a safe and quality clinical service delivery, Gustav is now interoperable with Domedic's xPill PRO application for medication management.

Access the pharmacological profile of your residents through Gustav

It is now possible to access the pharmacological profile of your residents in real time from their Gustav clinical record. The record is updated directly with the resident's pharmacy to provide you with detailed and complete information at all times. A precise and accurate pharmacological record available for consultation in real time in Gustav. It is also possible to print it at any time from Gustav 's file for emergency, hospitalization or medical visit needs from the resident's clinical summary or independently.

Safe distribution and administration of medicines 

In addition, your clinical team can now access xPill PRO Distribution directly from Gustav, depending on their access rights, for the safe distribution and administration of medications to your residents. The xPill PRO Distribution software solution offers a complete management of your residents' medication circuit to eliminate the risk of errors and facilitate the work of your teams during the distribution and administration of medication. xPill PRO Distribution eliminates paper FADM by logging administration activities in real time and ensures complete traceability of the medication circuit from delivery to the taking of the medication.

The integration of xPill PRO with Gustav further confirms our commitment to offer a world-class clinical coordination platform that ensures a high level of quality and safety in the delivery of care and services to your clients.

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