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Adaptable to different clinical contexts, Gustav has been proven in the health network (CHU, clinics, CISSS, CIUSSS), private and public long-term care centres (CHSLD), seniors' residences (RPA) and intermediate resources (IR). Gustav software supports interdisciplinary clinical teams (physicians, professionals, nurses, attendants) and managers to ensure quality care and service delivery. The software ensures maximum safety according to the best practices and standards of the various clinical sectors.

Healthcare Network

Quality and excellence of care and services to the population

Coordination of the continuum of services through clinical pathways and trajectories of healthcare services.

  • Articulation of interdisciplinary care
  • Multidisciplinary clinical documentation and complete record keeping through standardized and structured digital forms
  • Implementation of personalized clinical pathways, based on best clinical practices and their relevance
  • Continuous improvement of clinical processes and development of practices
  • Support for an experience of self-care and citizen participation in its continuum of care


Maintaining autonomy & quality of life

Optimization of prevention and coordination of the health of clients in retirement homes and home care services.

  • Personalized monitoring of the evolution of your clients' health
  • Better knowledge of your clients and their health services needs
  • Complete work plan for resident care / services and common tasks
  • Real-time traceability of planned interventions
  • Capture of unplanned care and services
  • Ensuring a high standard of the quality of health services
  • Improving the experience of your customers


Quality and caring service delivery

Management of care and services for different clienteles based on their complex needs, within long-term care facilities.

  • Implementation of clinical trajectories by client grouping
  • Adapted organization of care and services according to the specific care needs of your clients
  • Complete work plan for resident care / services and common tasks
  • Continuous improvement of the quality and safety of care delivery
  • Support for a positive customer experience


Quality and safe living environments and adapted services

Management of resident care and services according to the classification of support and assistance services.

  • Assessment of the resident's needs based on the classification tool.
  • Development of the intervention / care plan according to the level of care and services of the resident.
  • Generation of work plans for the care / services to be provided to residents.
  • Monitoring of care and services provided.



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