GUSTAV, Powered by Hospitalis

HOSPITALIS, founded in 2007, is a private company wholly owned by Quebec. It specializes specifically in the health sector through the development, engineering and implementation of innovative and proven digital solutions through its Gustav clinical coordination software.

HOSPITALIS' mission is to contribute to the quality, safety and continuity of care for citizens. Through the implementation of Gustav software, the company assists institutions, managers and healthcare professionals in the continuous improvement of clinical processes and practices in terms of efficiency and relevance.

Gustav software generates a positive healthcare experience for citizens and clinicians by ensuring quality and safe clinical delivery. The software ensures coordination of care and services driven by the right information, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.


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Continuous improvement & risk management

Gustav software also supports managers of health care facilities, residences and nursing homes by providing them with continuous access to relevant information for responsible decision making. To this end, Gustav software offers a range of tools for performance measurement, clinical risk management and continuous improvement.

Facilitate the work of health professionals

The Gustav software is constantly evolving by clinicians for clinicians to provide ergonomics and functionality based on real clinical needs. The implementation of Gustav software supports interdisciplinary clinical teams for optimal management of care and services while ensuring informational continuity. The objective is to preserve the high quality and safety standards of the services offered to users.

Evolve according to the clinical environment

Moreover, Gustav software, developed using modern technologies, is continuously innovating in the field of clinical coordination while adapting to your context and your clinical processes. It facilitates the work of your clinical and management teams with ease. The main pillars of the software are the application of best health practices, clinical relevance and continuous improvement.

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